Georgia Senate Resolution for ISB

Mar 23, 2020 | Important Events

The ISB was presented with a Georgia State Senate resolution on Thursday, March 5, 2020. Co-sponsored by State Senators Shaikh Rahman and Zahra Karinshak the resolution commends ISB for its “continued good work in this great state.”

ISB’s Executive Director, Soumaya Khalifa, was joined in the Senate Chamber by Dr. Nabile Safdar, president of the ISB board of directors, Ms. Amanda Shaikh, a key ISB volunteer, Mr. Tariq Abdul-Haqq the co-leader of the ISB Leadership Institute, Mr. Greg Cole, Honorary Chair of ISB’s Advisory Council, and Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley, ISB Advisory Council member. Many other ISB friends and supporters were seated in the Senate gallery.

Senate Resolution 743 praised ISB for its work to provide awareness and inclusion training to officials in city, county, and 8 state law enforcement agencies, leadership programs, volunteerism, and its dedication to providing “unparalleled service and support and remains steadfastly committed to the principles of skill, integrity, and responsibility.” Ms. Khalifa thanked the Senators and remarked that Georgia’s diversity is important to her and her community: “The diversification of our economy and the growing diversity of our population are advances that we celebrate and embrace every day. We are proud to call Georgia ‘Home’”.

While in the State Capitol, ISB leaders met with Governor Brian Kemp. “We are grateful that the Governor could take time out of his schedule to meet with us. It is important for Muslim citizens of Georgia, and all citizens, to interact with our government leaders,” said Ms. Khalifa.

The ISB would like to thank each of our ISB current and past members who contributed to making the ISB what it is today. Thank you to our board leadership for their vision, leadership, and guidance through the years. Thank you to our donors, our partners, our advisory council, and many more.

We would like to extend an additional thank you to our ISBLI class of 2019 who attended the ceremony at the Capitol Building.

You can read the resolution here.